Can't decide on a new char! Help?

Most of my time on this game has been spent playing Co-Op. I have a 72 Siren and a 69 Gunzerker. Both have been leveled up by playing with other people.

I took a break from this game but now I’m back, and I have decided that I want to do a solo playthrough. :smile:

This playthrough will be completely solo and I need help choosing which char to play as. I don’t want to play as Maya or Sal for this playthrough… even though I know Maya has awesome healing skills. :worried:

I need help choosing between Krieg, Zer0, Axton, and Gaige. Any advice would be helpful!

I’ve tried Axton and Gaige a long time ago in NVHM, and I don’t remember much of their playstyle. I also tried Krieg but only got to Level 15 because I kept dying during Buzz Axe Rampage.

I never tried Zer0 before but I’ve seen some videos of Melee Zer0 and it looked very intimidating to me. :disappointed_relieved: Is using a gun build viable? How about in UVHM?

Sorry for the very long post :worried:
But any help is very appreciated <3

In running through NVHM and TVHM at least you actually have quite a lot of flexibility on build and play style. I enjoy them both, and experimenting at different stages with different weapons and skills is half the fun. Gaige’s anarchy tree (OC) is awesome, although it takes some getting used to. Axton is more straight-forward.

Definitely. Take a look at the gun and hybrid builds in the Zer0 section of the forums. Going through TVHM I had a primarily melee Zer0 and, when I could pull it off, it was awesome. Going through UVHM (51-61) has been chellenging but, again, a hybrid build can be very rewarding. I had great fun running through main story in Opportunity, although it was pretty intense. Zer0 Is one that I would most definitely not have power-levelled, simply because it takes time to master.

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Zero can most certainly be run Melee or gun build (especially early on).

Solo Axton or Gaige are nice because their action skills really help to take the fire focus squarely on you.

Krieg is a ton of fun but takes a little getting use to especially if you start going down the Bloodlust tree.

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Axton- all around goodness. Doesn’t excel at any one thing but can do good things with specialized builds (Tediore reload builds, explosive builds, etc.).

Gaige- let DT do the work or do it yourself. Even better, spec into Ordered Chaos and watch them both kick ass…

Krieg- either insane melee or insane shotgun damage (or just insane), Krieg can do it both- Release the Beast makes him nigh unkillable in mobbing but can suffer against some raid bosses…

Zero- the ultimate glass cannon, Zero requires a gret deal of skill and practice to get the most out of his skills, but when you do… Let’s just say that if you want to impress your friends with how good you are at this game, playing Zero (well) will definitely impress them… :laughing:


Absolutely agreed and Krieg would be my choice. Since you only got to L15, on your last try, you never made it to RtB. That’s when the fun begins :grinning: Persevere through the early levels to get to the capstone and I think you’ll find it will have been worth it.

Whoever you choos, I hope you have a fun playthrough.

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I concur, I found Krieg very difficult, I personally think I should have ignored his melee ability and gone down the Bloodlust tree until I had enough points to swap straight into Release the Beast in Mania, because after that, he was a joy to play.

I am now level 57. Krieg is the only one I have ever felt confident enough to take on the various circles of slaughter solo, and I have completed them all on NVHM (Including the Tiny Tina DLC one)

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This is what I’m worried about the most about playing Zero…takes a great deal of skill to play him.

I might go towards him now. I definitely should have leveled him up enough to get to a capstone before I decided not to play as him. :disappointed: He seems really cool! I love his dialogue too.

Totally not biased suggestion: go Krieg.


I would really give a chance for zero. He doesn’t require any superhuman skills, when you get used to playing him (which you will do during your ascend to 72 or op8). When mastered, he has the best (legit) burst damage potential in the game. Zero has many gun options, most effective being of course sniper, but there is also shotgun and pistol. If you don’t want to play melee, at least for leveling up I would recommend a pistol “gunslinger” build. Grab a stalker mod, sheriffs badge, grog/rubi and an unkempt harold and you got yourself a very simple and easy-to-use build. This is a very effective build, if you want to continue using it at endgame.

For endgame (if you still don’t want to play melee) I would recommend sniper. Zero can make very effective use of almost any sniper rifle in the game, the best being the pimpernel, lyuda, sniders, droogs, skullmasher, other jacobs rifles, etc. I run a pimpernel build, with a grog nozzle for sticky situations. Switching to another weapon type like pistol (grog) will make your critical ascencion disappear. I don’t make heavy use of it in mobbing scenarios, I prefer the survivability, and the pimp accompanied with a legendary sniper class mod has plenty of stopping power without CA.

If you choose to go with zero, I would recommend checking out Man of Low Moral Fiber’s youtube channel, he has some great zero content.


Thanks for all the help <3

I narrowed it down towards Zero & Krieg now. :smile:

Put Krieg in a Zer0 suit. Use a Buzzaxe with a Katana strapped to it. Hide from your foes then come out rampaging.

Win at everything.


In that case go with Krieg- there’s nothing that can prepare you for the experience outside of having your own total meltdown… :smile:

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I’ve been watching some videos on YouTube, and Krieg looks awesome! I have some questions though. Does Bloodsplosion ever crash the game? I play on the PS3.

Also all the videos I’ve watched of Hellborn Krieg all use the Flame of the Firehawk shield. Is there another shield you could use instead? I only ask because I might get a headache after using Flame of the Firehawk too much.

If you don’t crash your game, you’re not playing it right. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve never had it crash mine, but I play on a PC.

Real men use a Rough Rider.


How badass is Krieg?
I run a Hellborn build that had crashed my computer a couple of times.

Flame of the Firehawk is meh. RR is the way to go. I run a Hellborn K with a RR and tanks like a boss.

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I’ve never had an issue with Bloodsplosion crashing the game on PS3 or PS4. I would suggest though that if you do play on PC at any point, to check what your PC can handle.

(I.E. If you usually play the game on the highest settings and your pc is straining a bit, it may be a good idea to dial it down one when running a Bloodsplosion Krieg.)

Since your on PS3, I don’t think you should have issues.

Well my main concern is mostly using bloodsplosion on Pete.

I’ve been busy this week but I finally have some free time to start leveling up Krieg. I’m excited <3

Thanks for the help :smile:

If I may leave my humble opinion. I would recommend Axton, he is my absolute favorite simply because of all of the options you have with his skills. The turrets are not very damaging, but they are quite useful even at OP8.

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Play Gaige. I mean c’mon Deathtrap is a legless torso of airborne AWESOMENESS! You get to kick the crap out of everything alongside a metal death machine while throwing out some of the game’s best lines. What’s not to like?

Ok, I am a little biased. Really though, all the classes are fun.

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