Can't decide whether to get Season pass

I’m sitting on the fence at the moment. I was a huge Borderlands fan, couldn’t get enough. I’m not as sold on Battleborn, I like it but enough to get the season pass, not sure. Access to a few new characters, taunts, and skins doesn’t really interest me. 5 new missions does, but can I justify the cost for them. I’ve also been thinking how much is this game holding my attention. As I said its fun but I’m not convinced its got the longevity like Borderlands (which I played for years). Has Battleborn got years in it, for me it certainly would need much more content (and from a personal situation - much less lag which is pretty much killing the game for me).

Don’t you get the characters without buying season pass? 1 coming on tuesday, thought they had 4 more to come after that

sorry my bad - early access to the 5 characters, meant to say early access but it just didn’t come out. To unlock the characters for evryone else it will cost you in game currency.

yeah just looked, you get a key when each character is released, you can use this key to unlock any available character that is locked. something about recycling keys, but i didnt really understand that

If you use the unlock key on a character that you later unlock with the normal condition, the unlock key will be returned to you.

Seems like a good system, considering the highest command rank for an unlock is 40 while the overall cap is 100. Many are quickly reaching that during this double XP weekend.

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I suggest it. It’s clear they’re constantly working on making this game better, with either extra content like maps/modes or by balancing/fixes. You get 5 dlc campaign missions, a ton of skins and taunts, and five character keys (worth 47,500 each when considering they’re meant for the 5 dlc characters).

Personally I’d say it boils down to if you plan on continuing to play the game

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I am waiting for the first patch before I agree with this tbh.

I too am totally unsure about this game. I have sunk hundreds upon hundreds of hours into the BL Universe. I know this is MOBA style, but somethings not right. I’ve already gone back to Borderlands. And tbh, I don’t see myself returning.


The OP should wait. I have the deluxe edition but can’t shake the feeling I’m on a sinking ship.

That feeling may stem from the pessimism of many on this forum. Personally I think it’s gunna be fine and I’m happy I bought the digital deluxe.