Can't do first jump in Space Laser Tag

I play BL3 on PC. I’ve gotten to the first jump, where you have to jump across a small chasm, and you’ve just been warned that the gravity is lower then earth’s. I’ve tried dozens of times to jump across, and even re-started my PC. I always come up a bit short of crossing the chasm when I jump. I’m effectively, stuck, unable to progress in the game, and I could use some help.

If you follow all the way along the wall to the left, the jump is a little shorter from that corner. Make sure to get a running start.

I finally got across. I did the left side. But a much bigger differerence is that I pressed the shift key once, never stopped running, and jumped when I got close to teh edge. When I do it than way, instead of a short run while holding the shift key and then pressing teh space bar close to the edge, I get the big jump. Thanks for mentioning the running start.

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You can change the sprint key behavior in the settings if that helps. By default it’s press to run, but you can set it to hold to run if that’s more your style. And, yea, sprinting makes a huge difference with jumps in the low grav areas.