Cant do it. Just cant do it

Sorry gearbox, your game just isn’t good enough. I can play too many other games that offer better experiences in just about every way.

I’m glad to have purchased the game. I hope it funds and awesome Borderlands 3, but I cant keep trying and hoping this game becomes fun.

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I’m sorry they created a thread to state it. If you don’t enjoy a game, you don’t enjoy it, but there’s no reason to say you don’t enjoy it unless you have suggestions on how to make it more enjoyable. Otherwise you create the possibility that your thread will only attract trolls who will basically tell you don’t let the door hit you on the way out, which is how I feel about these threads. Nobody’s forcing you to play the game, so go play something more enjoyable.


There are some games that are just plain terrible, but Battleborn isn’t one of those. It’s a game that offers a distinct kind of experience that - let’s be honest now - you can’t just go and find “done better” in another game.

If you came to this game for a shooter experience, then yes, you can get it better elsewhere. But if you more specifically enjoy being a brash, mohawked space-elf babe soaring through a first-person MOBA environment while expertly lobbing venom-packed canisters at a motley cast of eccentric enemies, it’s Battleborn or nothing.

Like with a novel, like with a film, it’s the most esoteric aspects of a game that can make you fall in love. The idea that games are crudely interchangable - that you should simply trade up until you find the one that does it all better - implies that games are purely functional, without texture, tone, emotional resonance. But again, it’s just not so.

I am one of the more critical posters on these forums (these days) but I like to think that I always do it from a place of respect and appreciation. I’m not blind to the game’s faults, but it’s special to me. In that sense, it is indeed “good enough.”


And everyone on this forum can attest to this, she does indeed enjoy being a Mohawked Space-elf babe, and who can blame her.

I do so enjoy playing my rogue badass, who can shield her teammates and flings homing plasma with abandon.

To the OP, what did you want from this post, validation, grief, or encouragement to not move on.

If your looking for people to play with on Xbone, feel free to message me when I am on.