Can't do moonstone-grinds

is it patched or why i can’t do a moonstone-grind for 2 legendaries + 1 purple?
Anyone else has the same problem?

What type of legendaries and purple are you using?

I am using weapons, but also tried it with shields 1 time and also did not work.

Have you tried the recipes in this guideline?

Yes i did. I tried a lot of combinations with different gun types but no of them worked.
I only can use moonstones for grindind 3 COMs. In any other case i don’t even have the option.

I believe they may have patched that. I think I saw in another post somewhere that you can only grind moonstones for COMS now.

You can do moonstone grinds with 2 legendary and 1 purple weapon still, as long as the legendaries aren’t the new ones from Claptastic Voyage.

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I can confirm this is true.

this blowwwwwws.


So does it mean that we cannot aquire luneshined new legendaries from the grinder right?