Can't do the new crew challenges

They are impossible for me to do.

I did them twice on console with a controller so probably the most difficult way. Just hit the button a couple of times and watch for the ones with a streamer, work out a pattern you will follow and get your mental muscle memory loaded as such. I used an Infinity for most but switched to a Lyuda for the distant targets, Light Show or Flipper works real good as well. The platforming ones are a pain, everytime I fell off I save/quit out, wasn’t going to waste my money on that ■■■■ lol. If you still can’t do it try coop, 2 people will get them no problems, good luck.

I did all of them with an infinity, best weapon to do this imo

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I’ve done it with the Flipper on the PS4. I know not the best weapon for it but the best weapon out of my aresenal. The bullets spread a bid which makes it easier to hit. The only thing is reload can be rough, but it’s not that of a problem. The last one was a bit difficult. I just needed to understand what GBX want me to do.

All in all i cant understand others if they say this is to difficult. Its more than enough time to hit all targets. Just practice a bit :upside_down_face:

For some of those platform involving puzzles: there mostly is a platform of which you can hit most targets without moving around.
Last puzzle is learning by trial and error.
I used craders EM-P5.

I did them all with a Lightshow. It is fairly difficult and will take a few attempts. You can shoot them while they are traveling, even right when they just spawn. This actually helped me with the few ones that involved moving or hidden ones.

Try a Flakker :wink:

Fire it then hit the pedestal…


I was thinking of Flakker or a Firecracker.

I haven’t done all of them yet, but the Dakota has been working well for me so far. Decent spread, but accurate enough to get in the vicinity.

Yeah I can’t imagine how aiming that fast works on console.

I wonder if clone could be deployed in front of it and then exploded to get all orbs instantly?

If you’re a console player for some time and have played shooter on consoles, it’s reasonable.
My biggest issue was memorising the general directions the orbs flew to and in case of the last one, which were real and which decoys.
And I’m by no means an mlg pro

I’m on PC, but use an XBOX controller. It is manageable, but not as easy as with a mouse I’m sure.

They definitely didn’t plan these challenges with controller players in mind. Great suggestions with the flakker and infinity pistols. Will give them a try.

You could also try to adjust your sensitivity. Probably lowering it should help you hit. But I usually would have to see you aim, to suggest more precisely.

Just assume my aim sucks and work from there. Lol

Oversteering: lower sensitivity
Understeering: raise sensitivity

Same for sensitivity while ads.

Good luck!