Can't download 2nd player's character for split screen play

So my friends and I just got two copies of The Handsome Collection for PS4, and as we loaded it up, each of us were able to create a character for the game. We had one PS4 playing split screen while the other one was single player only. We connected and were able to play the campaign all together, when we turned in for the night we saved and quit. Now, a day later, we want to play with our same characters again, but for some reason, we can’t manage to download player 2’s character for split screen. We we tried with his character as the host, he was good, but the previous 1st player (now P2) was not able to upload. Are we doing something wrong, or missing a step? Any help would be appreciated!


Okay so the same thing happened on ps3 for me and My brother, are you both using different usernames? Don’t know how it works on ps4 but same psn’s cant create seperate characters on the same psn and load them again it’s confusing I know you can create but you can’t load again.

We’re using different accounts. I was pretty stupid and didn’t see the option to press triangle and get my Player 2 character from the character selection screen. It was much better than uploading/downloading my character. Although I realized that you have to upload your character from one ps4 and then download it on the ps4 that you wish to play on.