Cant download Aurelia with season pass?

So my internet connection is terrible and was only recently got back into the Pre-sequel after Derch’s jack videos, so i bought the season pass and downloaded the doppelganger pack on my 360,after running him through TVHM i decided to download the baroness pack next, however it only downloads a 108kb file that does not show up on my hard drive. im not sure what to do? the regular one that you pay for shows as 172MB i think but it don’t really want to pay again.

I just fired mine up to see what was in the actual storage folder: I see only a single 170 MB file for Jack, but my Baroness is still playable. The easiest thing to do would be to start a new character and see if Aurelia is available in the list. If your 360 has both a drive and an internal storage unit, make sure you select the correct one when you start your game up.

Also, this should probably be moved over to the TPS 360 Tech Support category - @Tokesy97, @Ganjamira, or @Kitty_Jo?

Man i should proofread my posts better i can barely read it… the baroness does not appear in my vault hunter list,
maybe downloading the compatibility pack might help?

I wonder why they did it like that i had suspicions but… oh well at least i can be cold too now.

They did that with the head hunter packs in BL2 as well. It makes some sense: much of the working code needs to be in the compatibility pack so that players with the character can co-op with those who don’t. That means the amount of separate code required is pretty minimal. Since each file needs to go through certification on XBox and PS, it’s easier (and cheaper) to put one through than two. Anyway, glad you got it sorted - enjoy!