Cant download the new dlc and uptade

So i didn’t download the dlc when it came out because i couldn’t use my pc then. So i tried downloading it now but for some reason steam decided to try and download it on different drive where the game files aren’t supported and i can’t do anything about that. Can anyone help? Can i change where the dlc is being downloaded? Or do i have to redownload the whole game like my cousin said?

You should be able to redirect download files to your Steam library. Hit the arrow down key when the Download prompt comes up.

I use the Epic platform and not very familiar with Steam but all downloads should be able to be redirected to your desired location.

i can only change the path of the entire game i tryed to search how to change the path for uptades/dlc but couldn’t find it. I know that if i turn off the dlc the uptade downloads just fine so only the dlc got the problem of downloading on a different drive

You could file a support ticket with Steam. I wish I could give you a resolution but I’d only be guessing.

i’ll try and find help somewhere else, thx anyway <3

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There’s a few others around here might know how to do this.

Paging @Adabiviak - any ideas?

Steam shouldn’t throw the DLC where the game isn’t set to go… that’s weird. I’m wondering if Steam “forgot” that BL3 is set to some custom folder, so is throwing the DLC to the default spot (but otherwise launching BL3 fine).

I, for example, have BL3 installed on C:/ (where the rest of my library is on E:/). You can see the DLC in the folder as shown here (Dandelion is Handsome Jack’s Casino, Geranium is the Bounty of Blood, and Hibiscus is Guns Love and Tentacles).

If you have time, I’d try copying the game and DLC files somewhere else that you can get back to them (so you don’t have to redownload them). Once backed up, uninstall the game (which should remove the DLC as well; if not, uninstall those too). Then reinstall BL3 and point it where you want. Let it download a little so it gets the directory started and you can verify that it’s in the right spot, and then cancel the download.

Copy the files you backed up to this new folder (overwrite anything that comes up), including the DLCs in the file structure you see in my screenshot (but in your own drive location… OakGame\AdditionalContent). When you go to play the game, it should recognize that there are new files in there and validate them instead of downloading.

If your Internet is good, you can always just re-download stuff, but the placement of the DLC should be automatic, and I think the only way to get Steam to get that right is to reinstall.

Note: while these are in a different directory altogether, back up your saves anyway, because reasons. :smiley:

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