Cant download update 1.03

For some reason update 1.03 is not downloading and I know at least one other person has the same problem. Anyone else? Fixes?

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I don’t think there even is a 1.03 update for anything but The Handsome Collection. I’ve asked 2K support about a patch for Enhanced Game of The Year, though. If that’s what you’re wondering, they are working on it.
The Handsome Collection doesn’t add much with the 1.03 patch, just 4K enhancements and some basic optimization but nothing really that great.

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Yes, I’m having this same problem.

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This is the version 1.03 update for borderlands goty edition

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Guys. the error code is potentially due to network congestion. I kept retrying and after a few minutes it let me just download it

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What do the patch notes say? It’s probably not gonna fix the screen tearing. Gotta go use the internet tomorrow probably.

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Ver 1.03
-General bug fixes

Ver 1.02
-General bug fixes

Ver 1.01
-General bug fixes during character creation
-UI fixes

Bad news

Edit: the download took under 10 seconds

Lol, 2K. Come on. Where’s the fix? We were on the assumption that it’ll be one big update, not a bugfixer micro patch THEN 2 months later an update.


Spoke too soon, I managed to join another lobby with no magic!

It may have been a small bug in the code that screwed up the multiplayer for so many. So i’ll Take the victories that I can!

“A patch has just been released to address multiplayer connectivity issues on PS4 and we are continuing to test fixes for other platforms. If you still experience these or other issues, please submit a ticket”

from Twitter.


Thanks for having such options.