Cant drop items?

For some reason I cant drop items/weapons from my inventory. All the other inventory bounds keys do work. “F” for inspect, “R” for mark junk/fav ,“Tab” for close all work fine.
“X” for drop doesnt work though, which is quite annoying. Whenever I see a good weapon that I want to take with me and my inventory is full, all I can do is leave it on the ground, got to a vending machine, sell my stuff and then go back to pick up the item.

Anyone have similar issues or know of a way to fix it?


Hold down X to drop - took me a bit to get used to. @Qneqel

Yeah, that did it, thanks!

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I will try this too but I think I did try it and it didnt work.

may also work like BL 2 , in that if your inventory is full, equip a junk weapon, go to the weapon you want to pick up, press/hold “x” this should drop the junk gun and pickup/equip the new gun

Oh, you have to keep holding X for about 3 seconds, for it to drop the item. Thanks!