Can't drop mission weapon inflammatory aegis

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header says it all: been toting this thing around forever. searches for what mission it’s relevant to yield at best some reference to Hot Head, in hyperion hub of heroism, where you freeze that dude that’s overheated in the head. obviously a fire weapon is not suitable that mission.

any clues, y’all?


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Iirc, this gun is given to you by prof. nakayama (sp) in the mission that has you putting up flowers and ending up getting a claptrap to paint the wall in Jack’s Office. It should be removed from your inventory when you turn it in to Nakayama in the Hyperion Hub of Heroism.

TL;DR : Turn in all Nakayama missions.

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Inflammatory Aegis, might be one of Nakayama’s missions. He asks you to go get some flowers for Jack, which have to be burned later in the mission. That’s why it gives you a fire gun.

EDIT: Damnit Canine.

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too right! decided to go back to the hub of heroin and do all the missions I hadn’t completed. when it came time to burn the flowers I just used the first fire weapon in my backpack–which turned out to be the mission gun. didn’t even think that would do it and went on and did a couple more nakayama missions and when I turned them all in, poof!

thanx y’all,

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Happy to help!

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LMAO that killed me.

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This needs to be in the game.

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ha. soon as I typed that, I figured I’d be banned from the forum . . .