Can't earn guardian ranks, as well as being sent back to -55

So, I’ve got the bug quite a few people have got recently where their guardian rank for whatever reason shot up by a large margin. I spent those points and when I went on the game the day after, my guardian rank was lowered and I had -55 guardian tokens.
Alright, whatever, I guess I’ll just play and earn my tokens back right?
For some reason, I’ve gained ten levels on a new character and the guardian level hasn’t changed at all (the bar hasn’t even moved). I have no clue what to do now that I can’t even earn them back like some people have reported.

Happened to me and my party as well, along with several of my friends. Would love to see an official post regarding all of these bugs/issues that the community seems to be encountering.

Worth noting that I’ve since grinded my lost ranks back (was -76 and now I’m even and able to earn ranks again)