Can't enter the Anvil on Eden-6

So, I play BL3 on Steam, I had some random crashes here and there, a bit annoying, but I’ll live, but I now I can’t continue the story/main quest, because I can’t enter the Anvil on Eden-6 for the main story quest Hammerlocked. I updated my graphic card drivers, my windows 10, I changed the DirectX from 12 to 11, I tried to change graphic settings. Do you have any idea what I can do?

Why can’t you enter the anvil?

I remember one other person reporting an issue where the map transition to the Anvil would not unlock, but I don’t remember if they ever reported a solution. You could try talking to Wainwright again (IIRC he’s the one who mentions the team he sent in); otherwise, you might need to find someone on who’s about to tackle the same mission on Steam and run through with them.