Can't equip class modules even after the quest

I played with my friends and we killed giga-mind and cleared the quest. All my friends can equip class modules, but I can’t. I am 25 lvl and still can’t do it. We even killed that boss 3 additional times. I really don’t want to recreate character because we went so far already! Please help

When you launch the game solo, what is your current story mission?

The same one that we are doing with my friends. To talk with hammerlock “family treasure”

I’m pretty sure the minimum level that artifacts can roll is level 26. check the level of the ones you have.

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It is 15 lvl. Also I have many others that have lvl less than 26

OP is saying that his COM (Class Mod) slot isn’t available and they can be as low as level 9/10.

PS @Mifistofell msg me, I might have a solution

Hi, sorry Idk how to msg to someone on this website xD if u had a solution it would be great @GeldricTV

If Geldric hasn’t already messaged you, left click on the user name and in the top right of the panel that opens you see the option to message.

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yeah, I mis-read the OP was referring to COMs. I’ve got a thrillbot that is lvl 12, so those can go pretty low.

Nope. Sellout is minimum lvl of 26, artifacts cannot be lower than lvl 27 (loot farmed numerous)

Sorry, I should just let it go but I cannot. Nothing in this thread is about ARTIFACTS. The OP had a problem with the CLASS MOD slot which is unlocked around level 9 (if you rush it) after completing the mission to kill Gigamind.

PS the SELLOUT is a pistol and YES, minimum level is 26, what does that have to do with this thread?

PPS The OP resolved his issue


Yeah sorry I forgot to write it, the issue is solved! Thx to everyone, especially to @GeldricTV

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