Can't even pick the mode/map on PC, Please Fix!

In quick match you can’t vote on the map or mode! So now instead of noobs playing some Incursion and having somewhat balanced matches they’ll get stomped even harder in Face-Off/Capture where melee/CC teams will stomp them with no chance to learn how to escape back behind their sentry like in Incursion/Meltdown.

Also most Battleborn vets don’t like Face-Off/Capture do to it’s meta being so strongly on gang bang + CC and usually prefer either Incursion or Meltdown and even if they like Face-Off or Capture then they are only playing it 1/4 the time, so this sucks for us vets too!

Sure you could tell us to play Draft Mode where you can pick the mode but you need 14 characters unlocked. So Basically F2P users won’t be able to play unless they grind characters for 100’s of hours so this mode is nearly impossible to find games with a player-base below 1000 and will be pretty much impossible once a lot of the vets quit from having to play the ridiculous maps/modes and increasing queue times.

Finally note that this game has 874 as it’s peak player count so restrictive regional match-making won’t work and probably at the moment is making people from Asia and Australia quit from the long queue times as we speak!

Please Devs! If you guys don’t do something to help save the PC like fix things like this now and eventually add a server browser (which there should be for PvE anyway) or cross-play with consoles then PC Battleborn will be dead again before you know it! :sob:

This isn’t a PC-specific thing, I’ve had it happen on Xbone, myself.

Are players so quick to get to command level 20 to be able to play with veterans in a quick match?

Faceoff should not be in the QM queue
Far too confusing hectic mess for new players

Capture might be a problem
I do hope CR20 is enough

Edit: thought Faceoff was 3v3 for some reason
Although thinking about it, that might be a good idea to alleviate some of the Clusterf***

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Face-off is 5v5

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Ha I’ve played Face Off all of 3 times when it was released
I look like a derp
Is it in the QM queue though? I thought it was always a separate queue

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On the PC it’s in the QM queue.

I too have had this issue. I played two matches in the QM queue on the PC right after the patch dropped and was able to select a mode both times. Yet when I went back into the queue about 8 hours later, I had no option to pick a mode. I personally hate both Face-Off and Capture because of how team deathmatch focused they are. If I want to play a tdm game, I’ll go play Smite.


…Oh wow, did you just Smite Battleborn?
hehe, had to do that bro. :wink:


To some degree I almost like it, it gives us a chance to play Capture & Face-Off since either of them virtually ever got to picked otherwise.

That being said, it would’ve been nice if they made the game-mode random and allowed us to vote on the maps.

Funny thing is that I’m nostly upset that Incursion’s in the Quick Match rotation, the best thing about Quick Match was that it was Incursion-free :sweat_smile:


Face-Off isn’t confusing. The instructions are right in the load screen. Kill alien dudes, bring their faces to a thingy, deposit said faces into said thingy, get points. The same style/type of game mode has been in other games too.

I know quite a few people who want to play Face-Off but just never get to.

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I don’t personally find it very confusing but it was a pretty ■■■■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■■■ among newer players (and some older players too if I remember)
I will say it is almost of multitasking for such a fast paced mode and I could understand the argument for it being overwhelming for somr

I like not having to vote because 90% of the time people will always vote the same map and/or game mode.



I’m about ready to.

I don’t, but I rather like Incursion. One way to “fix” it is to offer a Face-Off/Capture map instead of an Incursion one. That or offer one map for each mode and get rid of the no preference option.

The problem is that on PC and apparently on Xbox too you are forced to play these modes and they are highly focused on CC chaining. So the team that picks CC characters, ganks, uses their abilities on the best enemy character and such wins which is basically a dumbed down MOBA rather than individual skills like aiming, knowing when and when not to push, ect…

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The other problem I have with Face-off is when you get these teams who just camp the deposit area preventing you from even depositing any masks. If there’s absolutely no chance of winning, why even play the mode?

Funny thing is that at least based on my experiences on the PS4, CC-chaining is more prevalent than in any game-mode. By a lot.

I primarily don’t like Face-Off as much as I otheriwse would’ve due to the tendency of kill-farming. Still, to me it’s an enjoyable game mode to pick up every once in a while.

In order to save PC, you gotta stop playing with Legos :slight_smile: @yannareport

No incursion que = no reason to play (for me).
No choice in game mode = my choice of not playing the game and on the verge of deleting it again.