Can't Farm Leviathan?

I managed to beat the Leviathan on UVHM and even did a repeat once to farm for loot. After my 2nd run the mission is no longer available and I don’t know how to get it back. (Yes, I turned it in again) I can find the portal to him and fight, but then the treasure room doesn’t open when i win. Anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

Nothing, you can’t farm him

That’s surprising, people are always talking about the treasure room and you only get a run or two at it? I didn’t even get a legendary in either run, and youtube is filled with videos presenting this as the greatest room ever.

There is a glitch, best not talked about here

Those videos are old and outdated. Snowman, LLMs, are two great ways to farm generic legendary gear, or if you want something specific go to that items source
. Example if you want a Hornet farm knuckledragger.

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As Derch says, LLM runs will feel a whole lot more worth while, as well as way more fun.

Also, you feel accomplished as opposed to just “gaming the system” for an item.

I agree with you, really only thought it’d be fun way to help my son get some items on his game. Personally, I haven’t had a loot midget spawn in my last 8 runs so I had wanted to do something different.

8 runs?

I compel you mate.

Go to Sawtooth.

Wildlife Preserve, guess I should have been more specific. Will try Sawtooth, never tried it repeatedly. Thanks

Do you have the mission Doctor’s Orders active? If you do, have you picked up any of the Notes? Picking up the Notes decreases the chances of LLMs spawning from the 4 small cardboard boxes in the room with the Red Chest on the left. Ideally, you want to have picked up 0/4. Admittedly it can be somewhat difficult to avoid picking up one of the Notes, since it is in one of the small cardboard boxes. You pass this room in your search for Bloodwing. Another option for LLM hunting is Thousand Cuts with Rocko’s Modern Strife active (don’t speak to Rocko). When this mission is active, enemy spawns are greatly reduced and you can search containers for LLms without worrying.

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Snowman/loot train farming, for real. When I’m not playing solo, I’m co-op with my 10 year old daughter. She’s got an OP6 Gaige, and looooooves the loot train run.

The loot train is more miss than hit for me. Others seem to get very lucky there, but overall I only get something orange every 10 runs or so. Seems like too much time investment for little return, to me.

The Treasure Room run only takes about 3-4 minutes to do, and seems to have a higher hit-rate for goodness. About 3 runs max, in the OP levels, Similarly a WEP midget run is only about five minutes, and it’s rare to go for more than 5 runs without reward.

Random is Random, though - others seem to get much better drops from the train. I’m just putting it out there because I see so many people recommending the train, but RNG can still be a so-and-so there, too.

Perhaps we could get organised to do some testing on the train, like we did for the loot midgets? I’d be up for it, if only to turn my luck around!!

I’m on board for testing the train.

Alrighty then!

I’ll look for the loot midget farming thread and blatantly copy the format used there. I probably won’t get time to do this until tomorrow, but I’ll be onto it then.

How many runs would you consider to be enough, while still keeping within the realms of do-ability (that’s a word now)? I found the 25 runs at the midgets was about my absolute limit for farming. That was about 120 minutes per data-set.

How many runs could we get in 2 hours? I’ll work this part out tonight, hopefully. I’m thinking out loud now.

I’m happy to just record whatever I pull each series of runs.

Cool bananas. If you haven’t started a thread by tomorrow, I’ll get it started.