Cant fast travel to other planets I've been to

The game wants me to go to metroplex but it’s not on my map even in orbital view the blue dot is there but I cant go and there is no way for me to get there so I cant advance on the game any help would be great

This confused me at first too. You have to zoom out to ‘Galaxy View’ I think it is called. On PC it is mapped to X. It tells you what it is mapped to in the bottom left corner. I thought fast travel was broken at first…

Edit: If you are currently on a different planet you will have to zoom out twice

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You have to hit a certain button while on the map, I think it’s Y on Xbox and Triangle on PS4. This takes you to the orbital view if you are on a planet, or Galaxy View if you are on the ship. If it takes you to Orbital View, hit the button a second time to get to Galaxy view. Galaxy view lets you change planets, Orbital View lets you pick between the different maps on a planet.

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I’ve had this happen a few times and had to restart the game to get the fast travel box to show up.

Happened to me once, I somehow lost access to Eden-6 after playing co-op in with someone who didn’t reach Eden-6 yet.

The workaround is to go to the deck on Sanctuary and there should be an option to fly to the planet you want to go to (like when you had to first fly to the other planets). Then go to Ellie’s drop pod at the back of the ship to drop to the planet. Once there you should be able to access other unlocked areas again.

Someone else also had this problem and used the same method to re-unlock otherwise unlocked areas.

Restarting doesn’t work for me, only fix I’ve found so far is to travel to and from a different planet to restore the drop-ship door.

Anyone have an easier fix? Am on PS4

I’m having the same issue. I can drop from the drop ship, but I still can’t fast travel to other locations on the planet. Have to reacquire all the locations individually. Any other fixes?

The drop ship gets me back to the planet, but doesn’t unlock any fast travel stations. This happened to me after playing splitscreen.