Can't figure out one shot kill/crit swap

Ok this is doing my head in! I’ve watched quite a few videos on youtube but still can’t master the one shot kill/crit swap for graveward. One of the latest videos I saw shows the guy using a cutsman, activating the action skill, shooting it, then switching to the unforgiven before the bullets hit. I did the same thing (although my cutsman has the shock elemental) & switch to the unforgiven before the bullets hit. But the best result I’ve gotten is about 20% off graveward’s hp. I aim & hit the chest like the guy shows in the video after starting my action skill. Although I don’t see why the bullets should hit the chest, as all hits are critical when in your action skill. Anyway I’ve a feeling the reason it’s not working might be to do with my build and/or because the elemental type is wrong (he used fire). He recommends having a strong crit build. But in another video if I remember correctly the person says the build isn’t really important as long as you have the main thing selected (the +200% crit damage at the top of the stalker tree). So yeah, any help with this would be greatly appriciated guys.


Graveward is flesh type critter and shock damage does less against flesh and fire does extra damage against flesh.

Shock does 80% dmg on normal and 65% dmg on TVHM.
Fire does 150% on normal and 175% on TVHM.

So the damage difference is substantial.


If you’re in the Mayhem modes you might be getting hit with a bunch of debuffs. I was just playing M3 and had to “roll” 5 times to get a decent buff/debuff on my FL4K build despite all my annointed guns and legendary mod layouts. Even then I got a dumb one that nerfs normal bullet damage 50%, buffs elemental damage 50%, debuffs Shock, Corrosive AND Fire by 50% each and splits my weapon selection to only shotguns, pistols and SMGs if I want to survive cause they got a 50% buff to dmg and guns in general also get 25% buff for a total of 75% With annointed Rack Attacks you find yourself dealing almost triple damage as long as you time em right. You can get lost in the math quickly in M3 cause basically every roll has effects that cancel each other out or make things stupidly harder than they really need to be. So far M3 is a letdown I don’t feel like I’m getting +500% drop rates but I am getting debuffed by upwards of 150% damage. Anyway, rant aside the only thing I can think of that would screw up your dmg so much is those selective debuffs in Mayhem but it’s only a suggestion. I noticed a massive difference between the rolls that made guns basically unplayable.

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Shoot even this math wasn’t right lol. I ain’t had to min/max this much since I played Onigiri religiously so my math is pretty **** but least here there aren’t 9 elements to keep track of on top of base dmg stats.

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you need a unforgive with 400+ crit dmg at least if you lack crit dmg from class mods or your vault hunter skills… sounds easy on paper crit swap yea… but you need good items also.

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Thanks for posting… Gotta try that myself tonight! :slight_smile:
I am still having like 5 minutes fights against Graveward, even though I can do Slaughtershaft easily! :open_mouth: (both Mayhem 3, no mod fishing)

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only 1 item can make a huge difference, here is a example I just made this video with the right skills and artifact you can kill him really fast without crit swap, I am working atm on a new build to kill him very fast without the cutsman and critswap, bec crit swap will get 100% nerfed in next patch, so my suggestion is forget about critswap and focus on finding a sellout and a elemental projector its a good start, ignite urself and kill him with a fire lyuda, this is best start for someone with poor items.

Fl4k + Molten Dictator + appropriate Mayhem Modifiers = 5 second Graveward demise…

Wish I could do it cause RN I got his ass down to about 20% of his HP bar before he downed me in one of those holes which makes it impossible for my skag to revive me. He’s actually putting in work here, BTW he’s distracting the runts and taking like 0 damage but this is where his usefulness ends. That’s 10 mins of my time wasted yet again on M3. You need the holes to survive the sliding crap yet if you die in one solo as FL4K you might as well DB to save your money on the new-u. Speaking of the sliding, this was probably overlooked or already known but don’t use a snowdrift relic here or you’ll slide like 150% faster since you got the bonus of the relic AND you’re headed downhill. I get better stuff from random chests than bosses on M3 :unamused: Got literally the only annointed legendary I have(Ruthless Infinity, gamma burst 65% extra rad) from a random chest in Meridian Outskirts. I was farming troy before this. He dropped Woodblocker, Kill 'o the Wisp and I got a Tunguska(useless, better off with basically ANY EPIC ATLAS launcher annointed or not) in a vault chest none of which were annointed. Luckily he’s a pushover even on m3 so I could keep trying but honestly it’s the same **** you get in normal modes just slightly more likely to drop annointed and Marcus will occasionally sell epic ones too instead of just earl. I’m not seeing it as really worth the trouble. I’d rather go M1 and kill bosses there 5x faster then roll M3 til I get a decent modifier that will work with what I got just so I can farm 1 boss. It’s too much work for very VERY little reward. You’ll find a ton of Legendary but 99% of them will not be annointed. So unless you’re doing something like this with a super specific probably unintended combo of nonsense to exploit it’s gonna be more frustrating than fun and rewarding.

Don’t mean to be silly but have you tried just jumping? I’ve never used the holes (didn’t even realise they were there at first!) and I’ve killed Graveyard dozens of times and I’d call myself an average player compared to a lot of vids I see. When the floor tilts I just jump like crazy and I’ve never had an issue. Allows me to dodge the green balls pretty easily, too. When the floor levels again I turn my attention back to Graveyard and let rip


You dont even have to jump, you can just walk the opposite direction of the slide and still survive it.

Why is it taking you 10 plus minutes on Graveward?