Cant find any games!

Still doesnt let me join or find any multiplayer games has this been fixed yet or are they still working on it ??

This is apparently still an issue. See the following thread: Xbox One no one online at all?

See also: Sending data to host and no Multiplayer games [Latest GBX Response: Post #122]

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Is this still an issue? Well yes it sure is sir. Because gearbox would rather waste time harassing players about taking advantages of exploits in this game then fix all of the problems with the game itself. They call taking advantage of things they fail to fix cheating. But what’s really cheating is selling someone a $60 dollar game with a broken match making system.

A moderator (and if you bothered to read the forum rules, you’d see that we’re not employees of gearbox) requesting that you follow the forum rules (which is hardly harassment: you agreed to those rules when you signed up here) has nothing whatsoever to do with the bug fixing by Gearbox.

Please try to understand how those things are completely unrelated. Pm me if you have any further comment to make on this issue, or if this isn’t clear somehow. Thanks.