Cant find anyone else having this problem ( game unplayable )

Everytime i play within a few minutes ( usually right after clearing 1 area ) the game decides to take a crap…my fps go down to 3-4 non stop and Borderlands takes all of my RAM and slows my entire computer down where my mouse takes 5 seconds to move across my screen…this started after the big patch over a week ago. i was fine and had no issues with the game until then…cant find anyone else having this issue.

Every time the game updates or you put in new graphics drivers these days: they are wiping all your presets. ALL YOUR PRESETS!!! You need to goto nvidia control panel and reset your settings EVEN if it looks like they are set properly. Do this everytime you want to play the game AND reset your graphics ingame aswell EVEN IF IT HAS YOUR FAVOURITE SETTINGS. Take off fullscreen and set in to bordered window then hit Q to set it, then go back and reset it back to fullscreen; then change your graphics preferences to low, then set to your settings again. B3 and the video card driver guys are messing up alot these days.

Just assume all your graphics setting are wrong everytime you load the game and reset them this has worked for me for a bit now.

Also play offline if you can the Dunevo DRM takes up a good chunk of your upload bandwidth.
If you play with the ether net unplugged from your computer just load epic in offline mode goto your library and you can play the game DRM free, but no new content(softpatches).
If you want to play the bloody harvest then you need to play online but try to play in offline solo mode instead of ppl being able to see you online.
Hope this helps.