Can't find anyone via matchmaking

Do you guys have problems finding other players via matchmaking in the social tab too?

I would need minimum 1 other player for the Guardian Takedown because the enemies are so tanky… but I cannot find anyone. Is the game dead or is it a technical issue?

never played coop… but i do know that coop is a piece of sh!t…

ever since i started this game i’ve seen people complaining about the matchmaker…

also, they (again) overtuned the takedown and gave solo players a big standard gbx"F$CK YOU" (haven’t played the platforming BS people are talking about but i’ll probably never see it… seeing i’m shelving this trainwreck for the time being if not for ever)

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What platform are you on?

I tried matchmaking on Xbox last night to do the new Guardian Takedown, but you are moved into the pool with BOTH Takedowns, and cannot choose the one you want to play. Among that you are pooled with Normal, True Vault Hunter, and Mayhem 1-10. It appears that the pool is so diluted to the point where matchmaking is just nonfunctional.

I just sat there in awe for 15 minutes waiting for a match after putting this game down for a month. I just said to myself “I can’t…”, and turned the game back off.

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can find a game ever, I could when it first came out but I stopped because it would advance my solo. Now im trying out Mayhem 1 mode and I cant get any help… any good discords out there?

MP is broken as hell right now and the parsing of so many levels and so many variables has made it a dumpster fire for me.

I have problems finding a full team, I have a secondary problem where if I find a team it is often hard to keep them together once they figure out what the modifiers on the mission are set to.

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I play on PC via Epic. I finally found someone after waiting forever. I have yet to find a full team.

Yes, it’s really annoying. They just can’t get it right. I have a hard time believing that this is the same team than developed Borderlands 2.

The matchmaker also threw me into the Maliwan Takedown several times even though I only wanna play the Guardian Takedown. Why can I not choose between the Takedowns?

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You have 88 choices in matchmaking. What did you pick?

Try the other 87 options :man_shrugging:

Seriously matchmaking sucks.

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