Can't find Bloody Harvest on PC - no update

So I can’t see that there’s been any update and I can’t see any indication that Bloody Harvest is available to me.

have the same on console. An update installed but that’s it. I think the event will start later today

The update is there on xbox only (my guess is it’s because of the crash issue and that it’s not the same update between xbox and the rest)
PC and Ps4 will get the update soon, and the event will go live for everyone at the same time

It seems Xbox patch went early, all should get it today and I’m sure notes are coming.

Bloody harvest hits later today.

Noelle put the time in a previous post she did.

ok thank you

update on pc is now live its seams

I still don’t see bloody harvest on my game

Locate Maurice at Sanctuary III.

I went to the Mayhem mode area and it just says not available

Wow, that’s weird. Did you allow enough time for the micropatch to install before heading to Sanctuary III. Maurice won’t appear if you’re playing offline I don’t think.