Can't find bloody harvest PS4

Bloody harvest should be live, but I can’t fin Maurice on sanctuary, or any indication of the event being playable. Anybody with similar problems? I’m playing on PS4.

He will be next to Mayhem mode - they was a download.
Side note if go to menu you should see a new tab next to guardian rank called events and it will tell u if active.
It is not.
I’m guessing the norm 3p

PS4 here as well. No update, no event. I’ve restarted a couple times to see if it would force an update but nothing. Has it not been pushed to PS4 yet?


Bloody Harvest is not live yet. Xbox got the patch early due to Microsoft having a habit of releasing patches the night before official release.

However even though that means Maurice is in Sanctuary, he doesn’t have the event yet. There is even a new event tab in our menu that says the event is not active.

My guess is that the event needs activated by Gb who want activate it until they lsunch the ps4/pc patches.

Thanks for the info!

You’re welcome.

Btw so far I like Maurice’s idle dialog as even those few lines give him personality. Also he will be near the mayhem machine and that area will be clean and re-decorated.


Soon as someone notices the patch is live for ps4 can I get a tag here please? Going to swing by the house on lunch break to get the download done so I can enjoy it when I get home hopefully…

I always wondered about that spot in Sanctuary. I thought we’d get a new vendor or some such there. It reminds me of those creepy 50 year old nurserys (sp?) that are somehow still in business. Percy Jackson Medusa style…I’m old so why did I know that reference…?

Downloaded it a short while ago.

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Thanks for the heads up, guess I’ll be taking lunch in 5 lol

Yeah, hopefully it’s out for everyone but I got my first “alert” for it around 11:00 Central time.

I meanwhile found Maurice but the tab says the event is inactive. Any update on the time?

It’s up and running for me now :slight_smile: