Cant find good weapons for ultimate/op

I’m haveing a hard time on Ultimate and OP. The only weapon i can use is dpuh and ruby. Nothing gets close to the damage and healing. But it feels a boring after a while to only have one weapon. Are there any other weapons i can use?

Im using the SR with badge relic

First: what character are you using and what’s their level? From your brief description it sounds like you’re using Sal and as a fellow Sal player I can say that there are far more weapon choices than just those two. Tried any shotguns? SMG’s?

My main is sal but dp is a boost on all my chars. I wanted to try cc or interfacer but dont know which is better. Do you know any upgrades for sal?

Sal is 72 op 4

Don’t play sal. Try other characters, you will enjoy the game MUCH more.

I also play krieg which is pretty damn fun

Sal can be fun, don’t get me wrong, but K/Maya/Zero/Gaige/Axton is MUCH more fun and there are many different builds you can have.

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In that case you can post your build but I can probably guess what it’s like :sunglasses:. A good source of on level loot is the loot train in the Marcus dlc, properly titled How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day (although at the moment there seems to have been a change made to it- not sure if it was a glitch caused by the new patch or not…). I have the DPUH for all my characters as well but try not to lean on it too much as it’s an ammo hog- using it in FFL or vs. certain bosses is a different story though… :grinning:. There is a site called IIRC that has all current Shift Codes for the gold chest in Sanctuary- you might want to visit that and see which ones are still active…

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You can have different builds with all of them, including Sal- hell, I know I’ve tried different combos with him and no, I’ve never done the Pimp/Ahab/rocket launcher of choice with him either. I also play all the other VH, none of whom still have the builds that I reached level 72 with. Sal can do variety- it’s entirely up to the player to make sure that happens…

Majority of the builds involve Gunzerking.

I wouldn’t tell people not to play a character, people gain enjoyment from different things and not everyone has the same thought process. I personally really enjoy Salvador, for me he is what I look for in a character as I like trying to one-shot raids with weapons that people don’t use.

Everyone looks for something different, all the characters are fun and I suggest that everyone gives them all a test. I know you weren’t trying to be obnoxious, but just be careful with how you word things dude.

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Weapons such as?

I know, I later sort of cleared that up.
But tbh, for mobbing he is absolutely the least fun character, just my opinion I guess tho.
Also, all those 1-shots you are talking about are glitches and exploits, just saying…

Look up Chuck80’s Deputy Sal build in the Gunzerker section of the forum. I don’t play Sal often because I also find him insanely boring, but the Deputy build is something different and can be fun. It can be hard to find some of the gear, but it’s worth it when you do.

It also requires at least some semblance of aiming and hitting crits instead of mindless Unkempt Harold spam.

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They are not glitches or exploits, they are in the game as mechanics. Do not try and be on the high horse about this, the only thing close to an “exploit” would be Salvador’s off hand effects onto the right handed weapon.

Apart from that, it is all mechanics and skill builds. Just accept that, no need to make this a dispute.

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Let me see.

I will probably miss off a few, but here are the ones I remember and have had experience with.

  • Sandhawk
  • Harold
  • Seraphim
  • Bekah
  • Patriot
  • Fibber
  • Pitchfork
  • Lady Fist
  • Twister (Very hard to pull off)
  • Unforgiven
  • Greed (Not tried on OP8)

Most people stick with the Sandhawk for one-shots with Salvador, that is a good place to start off.

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How is twister hard to pull of?

How are you pulling off these one shots? and on which raid bosses? I’d be interested in trying it out

Shooting out the last money-shot, switching to a lady fist+grog. An exploit in my opinion, it was never intended to happen.