Cant find other players or host a game...?


I tried to find out how i can fix this/workaround but i have no solution. I bought the game to play online but it doesnt show me other people…

Used the forum and google but—>-.-

My last idea is to re install the game and delete everything before (savegames etc)

Its a know issue since release…!?

what can i do?

This is a known issue unfortunately. The best solution as it stands is to use the multiplayer section of this forum to find friends.

In the mean time, you could lend GBX a hand and answer some questiins they laid out for people experiencing this :

Insert Disc, install and Game Over doesnt Work :smiley:
If i Try to Look after updates\dlc it says no connection try again later…

Hi there @GMCentral,

Do me a favor and answer the questions below:

· Characters used and their levels- are they higher level or new, etc.?

· Is/are the character(s) a transferred save?

· What are your basic network/NAT settings?

· Are you using a wireless or wired connection with your console?

· What region are you in?

· Do you live near Dallas, Texas? If yes, would you be willing to let us inspect your hardware?

· Are you part of the Xbox One OS Preview Program?

· When did you first notice these connection issues?

These answers will help the team going forward as they work hard towards an eventual fix. Thanks a ton!

Thing is, we are answering those questions since the 9th of June, i was the very first one to do that.
Thats 3 months, a pretty long time to fix a thing like that and the issue is known basically since a few weeks after release ( in march? ).

This is getting ridiculous… not offending you Kitty_Jo, is guess you are just a mod who has nothing to do with fixing those things.
But Gearbox clearly shows that they are either not giving a flying eff or they are just absolutely incapable of fixing their game.

I would just like to hear what you heard of them, what are they saying about how hard they try and what are they saying about how much they progressed or is “let them answer those questions” all you ever heard of them.

Sorry for that bit of ranting, sometimes i have to do it bc i really love the game and would love to see it work, i would just like to get an honest answer about gearbox`s communication towards the mods of this forum.

Unfortunately I am not told any more information on this than you. I dont work for GBX (as you know) so I dont know exactly what goes on behind the scenes or how much they’ve progressed on am issue. Being a volunteer moderator dosnt grant me special privileges like that.
I know that is not what you wanted to hear, but it is the truth and that is what you asked for.

I do know that this problem is being looked into as they have said and as everyone else knows as well. They are trying. Yes it has been quite a while that it’s been known, but try to keep in mind that they arent magicians (well, Mr. Pitchford is a kind of magician) they can’t fix an issue at the blink of an eye or a nod of the head. Things don’t work like that unfortunately.
They need to do extensive testing, and trouble-shooting and more testing and who knows what else. I don’t even want to think about just how complicated that would be. Trying to fix an issue with a game is hard. Id imagine it is much easier to break things than fix. So GBX need to be careful and take their time. Else something more could go wrong in the process of fixing another.

TLDR : Under all the fun of a game, is really complicated technical stuff that we can’t even begin to comprehend. Fixes take time.
GBX don’t communicate every step they take nor are they obligated to.

Thanks for taking the time to give me that answer, guess we all have to wait and hope.

My personal opinion is, if a developer REALLY cares about a game, an issue (gamebreaking) like this would be fixed in not more than a month. No magic required in my opinion, just manpower… but hey, everybody has his own point of view.

I think they are not really working on it bc of Battleborn, problem is they are scaring a lot of loyal customers away from buying their games in the future and i kinda hope it will backfire on them.

Anyways, thx for taking the time to give me that answer, really appreciate it.

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Do me a favor and answer the questions below:

  • Mechromancer lvl 18
  • Sirene lvl 6
  • No transfered save
  • My Network setting is “open” (settings on xbo) i use cable not wireless
  • region is Germany
  • yes im a part of the xbo preview Programm since 3 weeks. But the problem i have startet after buying this game on release
  • the connection issues startet right after buying. it never worked

Do you confirm that with this issue the game is not playable? No Online Matches, no DLC …etc?

My Version of the game is 1.0.2

Ok, thanks a ton @GMCentral! I’d rather not “confirm” anything one way or the other until the team has had a chance do some more digging. Hope that’s ok! :smile:

How long does it take to do some digging?
There are too many posts about these problems spanning back to release…are you trying to invent a new shovel to dig with?