Can't find Sir Hammerlock

So I was running with a friend earlier that’s lower lever and behind me in quest progression, but they’d unlocked something called legendary hunts, and I hadn’t. I found out after completing one with them that they’re from Sir Hammerlock, but I have yet to encounter him, is he supposed to be in a quest on Pandora that I missed, or is he supposed to have showed up on the ship like Moxxie, Marcus, etc? I know it’s not from a quest I haven’t gotten to yet, as again, the person I ran with that had him unlocked was behind me. Thanks for any input!

All the planets have a hunt challenge for Hammerlock that you can do without having Hammerlock. Once you stumble on a hunt beast you will hear Hammerlock tell you about it. Honestly I am on chapter 7 or so, and have slain two of his beasts (plus a couple of his rare hunt bounties from a bounty poster hanging on sanctuary) but still have not actually found and met Hammerlock. So his trophy room still sits vacant as I am guessibg he is on a location the main story has not yet taken me to.

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I see, I was just thrown off since I didn’t have a listing for his challenges until I grouped with that other person. Must’ve just not found one of them yet. Thanks!

I can confirm that he doesn’t appear in his room on the ship early in the game. His family lives on Eden-6 and are close friends with the Jakobs family, which has it’s headquarters on Eden-6, so I would assume that we will meet Hammerlock when we get to Eden-6, and have him on the ship for the remainder of the game afterward.

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Awesome, thanks for the head’s up!