Can't find the CTT menu music

The menu music which could be heard during the CTT is no more in the released game which kinda sucks. Just wondering if someone happened to find a full length file of the original soundtrack. You can hear a bit of it in this video

I’ve been looking for that music for months. I have no idea why it was removed. I personally think this score is more kin to the Battleborn theme than the current menu music.

it’s clear you guys didn’t read the interview i did with one of the composers of Battleborn. but this was one of the questions i asked Raison :wink:

Curious about more Battleborn/Borderlands music related questions, check the full interview on my site

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I have a file of the music track.

Here is the link to it that I uploaded on Google Drive.


Wow thanks so much! I’ve spent so much time trying to find this track it’s not even funny.

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You’re welcome. :wink: