Cant finish Galaxy Progress (Cistern of Slaughter)

iam in “cistern of the slaughter” but the location wont count to my progress…

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Im having the same issue. Its my last location too. Stopping me from getting a few trophys. Any idea on how to get it to pop?


Same issue on the PS4

I’m having the same issue. Anyone know how to fix it yet? On ps4

ok, for those who are affected
I had one more missing location (trial of fervor) and after having discovered it the relevant trophy popped, despite cistern of slaughter still not being registered among the locations discovered

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it is already discovered to its maximum :slight_smile:

did someone figured it out now?

finished on TVH did it for me

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Mine was showing the cistern of slaughter as not discovered yet I had been multiple times. Turns out I was missing one of the eridien proving grounds locations. Trophy popped for me tonight [cistern of slaughter still shows as undiscovered on the map stats] just a bug.

well i finished story on TVH and went to it through meridian metropolex

then it popped up and gave me my progress

i finished the story line on TVH and after that i went from meridian metropolex to cistern of slaughter and then it gave me my progress