Can't Fire Moze's 2nd Weapon [SOLVED]

So I’ve equipped BOTH slots with railguns. Xbox one. Right trigger. Works fine. Left trigger. Nothing. I tried switching out to all other weapons, nothing for the left trigger. Any help?

I’m using grenade launcher and chain gun, and those have been working fine for me. Did you change the controls layout in settings at all?

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Holy moly, thank you. Yeah I had to customize to get back my Angelic controller setup from BL2. Guess I have to right trigger and click my right thumbstick. Woosh over my head on that, probably because the screen still says LT. Figures. Anyways, thank you so very much, really appreciated. Cheers and good luck.

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Wait…can you dual wield in BL3?

Naw, this was about Moze in her Iron Bear.

My bad, thanks!

Edited title since issue is resolved.

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