Can't get "Friendship rules" achievement?

I recently bought the Handsome collection for Xbox One and I have been trying to complete all achievements. I currently have 4 achievements to go, one including “Friendship rules”. I’ve revived 2 people, both in different games, both my friends, and neither gave me the achievement. To add insult to injury, during a game where I revived my friend (and I didn’t get the achievement) he revived me and got the achievement.

Does anyone know if this is bugged or if I’m doing something wrong?

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Is he in your friend list? otherwise you are just a follower of his if not.

Xbox users can further help you out.

Both people were in my friends list.

There are reports of some caveats with getting that to work correctly:

I don’t know if that’s true or not, but I do know I have the achievement on HC/XB1, and those conditions certainly applied at the time (reciprocal friends, not favourite, both showing ‘on-line’). I’d check your XB1account privacy settings, since it’s possible those may also be interfering.

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