Cant get game to work

All I have played this game for 2 hours now the game will not work. The game crashes on startup the screen is black but i can still hear sound. This does not happen with any other games i play. I purchased this through the epic store and they will not refund because i went over ther 2 hour time limit by 5 minutes.
I have reinstalled the game 3 times. I updated graphics card drivers. I even tried updating bios. Nothing works.

I am running a 9700k 16 gigs of ram and AMDRX480. Nothing is overclocked. I contacted 2k nothing helpful yet still waiting. Can anyone provide some help?


What happens when you try and minimize the game while you hear the sound using alt-tab? It’s best to try it once you hear that you’ve reached the main menu. Do you have details on your graphics settings? I suggest using DX11 (in case you tried DX12) and maybe try loading the game in Windowed mode instead of Fullscreen, see if it’s black within the window or something.

I am running the game in Dx11 mode. Graphics settings are set to Low. I was able to get to the menu for a second this morning and put it in windowed mode. got into the game and it crashed. Total black screen. Could not alt tab or do anything. Graphics card seems to be crashing. When this happens the graphics card RGB changes color and the fans start spinning fast. Then have to do a hard reset. I have the latest drivers installed and the latest version of the game. I am at a loss. This only happens in this game. I don’t get similar issues with other games.

Have you sent the crash logs to 2k?

They’ve also asked me for my MSINFO report & one other thing… oh a DXDiag report. Can’t hurt to run those & submit all those items on a new or existing ticket.

Also, have you tried creating a new windows account and reinstalling to that profile?

Hope you get it resolved

I have sent the reports to 2k . I have not heard anything from them. Its been 3 days so i hope to hear something soon. I have not tried a new windows account. Do i have to buy windows again to do this?

no ,no - just make a new logon - it can rule out some registry/profile problems

I made a logon w/password for the 2k support site, that way you can track and update your issues. I would update any open issue if you don’t hear from them in like 24 hours <- they are usually that fast, well at least with the initial “canned” reply. Hopefully you can get someones attention

Thanks i will try that.

Game still crashes. i still have not heard anything from 2k.

I reinstalled windows game still crashes. Have not heard anything from 2k.

Well 2k tech support finally go in touch with me. We fixed many issues with my computer but none of them helped fix the crashing. We than discussed the possibility that my graphics card was not working properly. I was not able to log any thermal issues but my symptoms were consistent with thermal issues. This morning i took my card apart and noticed that the thermal paste on the die was hard as rubber. I replaced the rubbery thermal paste with Noctua thermal paste and my card is acting like new again. I get consistent 100 +FPS on MED settings. I have not expericned any more crashes. I could not be happier. I give credit to the 2k tech support and the people in this post for helping me. Thank you.

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Dude, that is AWESOME!

Here’s to many crash free hours in Borderlands 3 :beers: