Can't get into beta, it's 10:12 PST

Keeps saying the server is unavailable and that the Open beta inventory operation timed out. Anyone else have this problem?

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Yep I have the same issue

Just give it time, they’re probably trying to get the servers up and running properly along with other stuff.

I am having this issue. Someone hasnt activated the servers on time.

Same problems here, really annoying and not a good start for the beta.

Or the servers can’t handle the massive amount of requests being sent at them

They are not up is all. They should be soon. It was like this on the closed technical test on pc

Yep exact same errors here

@SteampunkRui same man

Yeah I can’t get in either! So hyped, hopefully it will be up soon!

I’m really upset that it wasn’t on time :confused: I’m just praying they do get it up and running smoothly soon. Will be a great disappointment if there’s no gameplay today.

From there twitter.

Hey PS4 badasses! The severs are experiencing a hiccup and we’re working on a solution now. Thank you for your patience.



Hope they fix it!

“Server Problems? The CTT was a farce!”

:confused: boo. I see some people are actually playing, so jelly.

What is everyones nat type here

Good NAT here… As for “Seeing people playing” I’d say they’re sitting at the same Menu you are, spamming “x” til it works, just like the rest of us.

What number is it.? Mine is a 3 because i use my phone for wifi

Yeah, I’m getting the same errors, hope they fix it soon.

And yep just spamming X and hoping to get in to play soon :slight_smile:

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Unless your on nat type 3 then its x square then x again

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Damn they get everyone all hyped up for this game n the severs go down. Your fired