Can't get into beta, it's 10:12 PST

I blame Isic for this! :smiley:

There’s people playing! I’m spamming x like a mofo now

Is anyone here just interested in the story like me

Someone was watching to much porn that’s why the severs went down


Not to worry, guys-- The team is aware and on top of it!

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Thanks for the update Joe, but then this is why games have open betas to slam the servers to see if they break, so we are helping :smiley:

And yeah, I’m interested in the story and lore of the characters, because I love the humor and story writing from the Borderlands games, and I’m hoping Battleborn has the same.

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Thanks for the update Joe, any time frame?

Not unreasonable for a client to expect a time frame for a project. I’m sure the project manager has one. Just pray that someone has already answered their problem on

Why say 1 o’clock just for the servers to go down?..
I hope this doesn’t happen day one because it will be swamped then too…
No one wants to wait after to paying there money.

Well this is why they have an open beta, to swarm/smash the servers with people. Hopefully this does get them ready for launch day, when even more will hit the servers.

i’m waiting right now, the servers are still down?

Don’t you think it will be a lot more people joining all over the world during the release?.
Well hopefully they manage to make at least the release successful.

i hope they can resolve this problem

Yeah at lot more will, which is why I hope this helps them prepare for that.

Thats what this is for. The battleborn twitter says they have recognized the problem and are working on it. We just have to be patient

You would think Servers running smoothly would be number 1 priority when launching a game. I want my money b—oh wait.

I just hope this thing doesn’t happen upon launch. I’ll be pretty upset.

The longer it takes them to fix the problem will show that on the release date the servers will be down.

im on

Im on too