Cant get online in Boderlands 1+2 on ps4

Where are you and whats your nat type?

Based in the UK, London. Nat type is Open, not sure if that’s 1 or 2? it didn’t work with a direct cable from Xbox to router or on the wireless

Opened a ticket with gearbox myself. Will post if they and what they reply. Supposed to be in 24-48 hours. My problem is on ps4

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I am in contact with that *** support, since the game is out.

I could not paly it online at all. Sadly I dont wanna play it anymore, Does anybody want to buy my game?

I guess most of these people know the default setting when starting the game up is “LAN”, which gives the “check connection…” message when you hit “Find Game”.
You have to hit “Network Options”, down at the bottom of the menu, by hitting the touchpad and select “Online…whatever”, then Matchmaking.

I honestly have no idea why the mods here can’t help with this simple stuff.

I’m guessing this problem will never get fix? I just bought the game and for the past 5 hours I’ve been trying to play online with my friends but I can’t. It keeps saying ‘check network cable’ I’m connected online. My psn is signed my download speed it 4.5 MPs and upload speed 1.1 MPs. What’s the deal Gears!!!

I think most people have given up. I’ve had multiple tickets now, and they won’t even acknowledge that there might be an issue with their servers…

OK im getting really pissed off, because i bought this game thinking my friends and i could all play, but none of us can connect online in this game. I have had 5 tickets and none of them have helped.