Can't get Op with Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 2 but without new Commander Lilith DLC

I’ve got all Borderlands 2 DLC with Hadnsome Collection. I reached max lvl (72) and tried to get op on Digistruct Peak. I didn’t get new dlc because i’m a new player so i don’t know how can i get op lvl’s without it. And i don’ have money to buy it because i live in Russia. :slightly_frowning_face:

Unfortunately, we were all only given until July 8th, I believe, to get the newest DLC for free. Even with you being a new player, you should have downloaded it while it was free since money’s so short for you. You may be able to shop around online for a good deal on a download code for the DLC at a much lower price, but you’ll most likely have to pay at least a little something to get it now.

OP Levels existed in the game before that DLC came along, but I never bothered to go all the way to the Third Playthrough (Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode) myself, so I don’t know off the top of my head how you get them. Hopefully others will post with more info on that.

Good luck with everything and welcome to Pandora, Vault Hunter! :blyoohoo:

In theory, if you don’t have the 5th DLC installed you should still be on the max level 72 cap with 8 OP levels. When you ran Digi Peak, did you successfully complete it and turn it in to Tannis? Did you get a message about unlocking an OP level then?

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Well, that clears that up anyway. Are you gaining XP beyond level 72 at all?

No, I can’t get Xp any more.

Not sure what to suggest then. I’m a little surprised that your game added the extra 8 regular levels without also unlocking further XP gain - that seems like a bug. I’d suggest filing a support ticket to see if they can help with that.

Thatk you for helping <3.

Correct me if I am wrong, but aren’t you unable to get the extra 8 levels until you walked into the Lilith DLC?

That appears to be the case but - as the above screen shot shows - the OP levels are now locked behind level 80 even if you don’t have the DLC. That seems a bit inconsistent, to say the least!

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… not only inconsistent, but there’s the legal issue of FALSE ADVERTISING on the UVHUP2 store page too, since you don’t get the overpower levels you’re promised.

Gearbox sure knows how to screw over its customers.