Can't get past title screen

I know some people have posted about this but I don’t have internet at home so I have to download updates at a friend’s house. So after the update is there a way I can fix this offline without having to uninstall?

If you’re in the XBox Insiders program, that is very likely the root of the issue. Others have reported being able to play after leaving the program.

I am not and like I said I have to play offline so I’m just wondering if there is a work around

I’m really not sure what the issue is, then. How far through the launch process are you getting?

Where it says press A to start then it goes back to the Xbox title screen

OK - sounds like the same issue being reported by XBox Insiders. Is yours the only account on the console? If there’s more than one account, which one is designated as the primary?

That’s what happens to me to

Why would being an Xbox insider be a problem for this game

I don’t know. This just cropped up with the last update. But those in the program who’ve removed themselves report that the game then worked. :man_shrugging: (I’ll also mention that it wouldn’t be the first time issues have cropped up that affect only those in the insider program.)

Ok maybe I’ll do that

Nope wasn’t that for me cuz I wasn’t an inside or either

OK, all I can suggest at this point is a support ticket then:

I submitted a support ticket for mine but through gearbox, not 2k :woman_shrugging:t2:. Don’t know if that affects anything.

I tested it out it does not work on my x but it does work with my Xbox one s it’s weird that it wouldn’t work on one system but it does the other

Just a thought but you may want to try the factory reset route - a few folks were having problems with the DLC not being recognized as valid that were only fixed by doing this. My guess would be that support may suggest that at some point anyway. Note that there’s an option to reset while keeping your games and apps on disk and only removing accounts. Also note that if you have any off-line saves, those will be lost in the process (since you would need to download your account and save files from the cloud after the reset.)

You may have one Xbox registered for insider and not the other.

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I have the same problem, but removing my profile and adding it back to my Xbox did nothing for me. Borderlands still crashed to the Xbox home screen. I’m also not registered to Insider. I don’t even know what that is or how to check if I am.

You’re responding to a 9-month old thread, so there’s no guarantee that the problem/cause/fix are going to be the same at all.

Does the game run for you at all? If so, when is it crashing? And are you on original XB1, S, or X?

I realize this is an old thread, but I’m desperate here. I’ve tried just about everything in every forum I can find. I have an Xbox One S. The game loads up to the “Press A to Start” screen, but when I press A, it loads for a bit and then crashes to my Xbox home screen. So far, I’ve deleted my profile and added it back, I’ve power cycled my Xbox, I’ve deleted saved data and re synced to the cloud, the only thing I haven’t tried yet, today, is deleting the actual game. It happened before a few months back and I don’t remember how I fixed it the last time, but I’m about to try deleting it and reinstalling it.

There’s been an issue on PC with a crash on the sign in screen (which is where you seem to be crashing too). It looks like it’s something to do with the SHIFT sign-in. Maybe go to and make sure you have your SHIFT linked to your XBL account, and that you have an email and user name set in your profile. On PC, unlinking then relinking the account and filling in those details seemed to do the trick. I’ve not heard of this affecting XBox users before, but I did notice yesterday and today that the background animation froze for a second or two while the sign-in was going on.