Can't get the few drops you want.. Me neither

Been running experiment at least 4 to 5 times a day since legendary drop rate increase (actual increase, not the lootpocolypse increase that has given nothing but green gear) at the point with over 400 hours in game and there’s only two legendary items I want left… And yet symbiotic spores has not dropped… Starting to believe the gear does not exist… And if you were wondering the only other gear left I care to get is boots of the Brute from saboteur…

I’ve been trying to get the boots of the brute for like… a month lol, so I feel your struggle man. RNG is a cruel mistress.


Been on the BoTB grind for several weeks now.

Dropped 20+ runs over the weekend and still nada.

2x Synthaline Tonics
1x Mag Daemon

That’s all Foreman Grall dropped.

Ironically got a bunch of Time Killers.


I’ve been doing a bunch of Experiment as well, I have ALL the legendaries from there EXCEPT one that I REALLY want…Intermittent Angel.

I’ve gotten two spores already since Friday, 3 One-4-All, and 2 Vidania Root Poulice. T_T

Also I need Mag Daemon from Foreman Grall…he’s dropped me many boots, but not Mag…:<

I want to queue up with somebody who ONLY gets the drops I want. Anybody on PS4 only get Angels and Daemons?

God damn man I would give anything for those boots and I can’t get them to drop for love nor money.


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I always get the frickin’ Mag Daemon, I mean I have the boots but .01% off perfect is UNACCEPTABLE! We have a hilarious theory, when we run The Saboteur we almost always have at least one Kleese but when I got the boots I was playing with players other than my usual group and none of us played Kleese that match. Conclusion: The Saboteur is easy with Kleese, too easy, the game knows this and the game knows how much you want those boots. It’s adapting, learning, and refuses to give you the boots on principle if you have a Kleese in your party x’D



But why did we lose with two Kleeses on the team last night?

What a harrowing experience.

Partially due to our CBF attitude I think lol, we took it too easy. That was our first ever loss on The Saboteur, last match of Lootpocalypse how convenient :confused:
Plus a Defiler got through early and fcked our sht up, if those bastards hit the core you wont come back from that :frowning:
That, and the fact that I’m the only competent Kleese but I played Attikus assuming you could set up your rift network properly :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve gotten Kleese to lvl 11 using him exclusively for Saboteur.

And I still suck at it.


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LOL that’s commitment to the boots haha.

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P.S Boots of the brute will ONLY drop on advanced.

We only play on advanced.

I have the feeling I am just lucky got both of the legendaries before the lootpocalypse. Just keep trying mate you have another week with increased drops! Good luck

…I have 3 pair to give away, just get Gearbox to make that possible.

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I think you might have a problem with hoarding :open_mouth:

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…Not at all, I really do want to give it all away.

I’d be happy to take a Vigilance Link, still haven’t got one and it’s been disabled forever :confused:

Kleese is a monster in so many story missions like renegade easy 4 to 5 hundred kills

I know the pain I have every legendary as well from experiment and have gotten like 8 bolas target finders but 0 of the one I want