Can't get the game to work at all

Against my better judgement I bought Borderlands 3 digitally from the Epic store right after launch. I installed the game but I have SO MANY issues:

  1. The game takes a full minute just to load to the initial splash screen, which is ridiculous. (And yes, I have SSD)

  2. There is no sound whatsoever anywhere from what I can tell. (Main menu, benchmark, etc.)

  3. The performance is horrible. My laptop is well above the minimum specs required for the game and I have no issues at all playing other games like Monster Hunter World, Witcher 3, etc. At 1080p with all graphical settings on “low” I am getting maybe 20-22 FPS average in the benchmark. The game is horribly unoptimized. What’s even weirder is that if I try to set it to the lowest resolution possible with all graphical options set to low, it is still stuttery and my FPS averages in the low 40’s at best.

  4. Worst of all, I can’t actually PLAY the game! Whenever I try to start a game and make a character it goes to a blank, black screen and nothing ever happens. I’ve tried letting it load for 10+ minutes before and nope! Nothing!

And yes, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled. I have verified the game. I have updated drivers. The game is just broken.

What is doubly frustrating is that I sent in a request for a refund rather than wait for patches and the customer support said that since I had over 2 hours in the game (just trying to get it to work!) that I am not eligible for a refund. This is frustrating to say the least.

Specs: Intel I7 4710HQ processor, 16 gb RAM, GTX970m video

This sounds like enough issues to warrant a support ticket.

It might be worth explaining it, as it may not only help in your individual instance, but in resolving any issues in the meta sense as well.