Can't get the new Bloody Harvest Rewards

please fix :frowning:

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Any updates?

i guess they aren’t going to fix… wtf?

I had the same issue with my main from last year (FL4K), but I was already working towards the progress on new characters so it worked out. I don’t expect a fix.

My Zane is stuck at 1 short of the total progress for Cartels, but everything in the list is filled out and grey. I had no idea what to even work towards to see if I just need to “trigger” the completion or not. I managed to complete all of the challenges on a new character before they got back to me with a “Whelp, too bad so sad, suxxors to be you” reply. (well, that’s how it felt, even if it wasn’t exactly that word for word).



i fully intend to wait for the event to be completely over, but…

if Gearbox doesn’t fix this, then i will just have use one of those cheat tools to simply unlock all of the customization.

this is not something i am very keen on doing, because there doesn’t appear to be any way of unlocking something in particular. this will net me items i have yet to actually earn on my own, and that is NOT the way i want to play the game.

but what other choice is Gearbox giving the players?

nor am i keen on creating more characters to do this. it would be a different story if i had already some created with reasonable amount of progress, and/or was actually interested in currently replaying the game. creating new characters and doing so is on my list of things to do for this game, but sadly my life doesn’t include much time for games. i get like MAYBE 1~3hours per day for games, and sometimes only have time to game on the weekend.
if someone knows an option to unlock SPECIFICALLY Bloody Harvest v2 rewards with a tool, then please do share. i have already completed many of the task, and don’t mind spending the time to fully complete every task despite using a tool to unlock these rewards.
thank you for reading!

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I want my rewards I earned…how do I get them

not possible through any normal means, and Gearbox doesn’t seem to give a ■■■■. they haven’t even so much as acknowledged any of the bugs, let alone intend on fixing them. it blows my mind as of to how negligent they choose to remain about this. they don’t seem to care about this game, or the players.

one option…

you can use a profile editor found on the internet. however, that will unlock almost every customization. it would only exclude DLC items.

i couldn’t currently give enough ■■■■■, but with enough asking/searching… you could probably learn how to unlock ONLY the Bloody Harvest v2 rewards using a profile editor.

do with that what you will.

Yeah they gave me the same basic ‘switch off and on again’ stuff, which I tried, needles to say it didn’t work. But it gets better, their follow up to that was to suggest I start it all over again with new character, must confess I’m not impressed. I can’t believe I’m the only one to have raised this issue. Actually I’m just going to post this tread at them when they respond.

Event is almost over and this still isn’t fixed? What a joke.

Anyone had any feedback from the devs on this?

Same problem, and no info if it’s ever gonna get fixed. The event is close to the end already…

This is horrible.


Definitely not investing in season 2 after this BS ‘support’. No point in contacting customer care, they just come back with generic cache clearing and very common sense fixes. 0/10 gearbox can huff fumes

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