Can't go online since new update

I can’t play online with friends due to the game being on "creating online session"indefinitly after i choose online mode in the “network” menu since the game boots on “offline” automatically

Can someone please help me ?

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Hi there. Please file a support ticket for this issue - thanks!

yeah, I’m getting all kinds of errors today on the PS4 version of the Handsome Collection…most of the time I save quit, it either hangs or I get a blue screen soon after…this wasn’t occuring last week

Unless it’s issues with PSN due to traffic volume or continuing high load on the SHIFT system with the migration of PC match-making there, not sure what’s up. I’d check with one of the sites like just in case it’s a broader network issue first - XBL imploded for about an hour yesterday. If it persists and it looks like a SHIFT connection issue, it would be support ticket time.

Edit: Just saw this post by the community manager:

So yeah, SHIFT issues…

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ok, I filed a support ticket just stating the problem, but this is the first time I’ve ever had anything like this. I’m not playing on my normal PS4, but the internet is better where I am than where I normally play and it was working normally a day or two ago.

edit: it’s not recognizing that I have the Lilith DLC downloaded either even though my characters and gear are reading at L80 (or OP10 etc. depending on setting)…guess I’ll just leave it for a bit and see …sigh…