Can't grind 3 purples without game crashing

I saw in a recent hotfix that this was patched, but it’s still an issue for me. I have deleted previous compatibility packs and tried numerous times, yet I still cannot grind 3 purple shields or cmods without the game crashing. Help!

I suggest you file a support ticket with gearbox/2K. Also, when you start your game, make sure you give it some time before continuing play: although the hotfixes are the first thing downloaded after hitting “start”, I was told that they may not actually be fully applied to your game until after SHiFT authentication is complete (last thing that runs while the main game menu screen is up). Keep an eye on the small message dialog boxes that run on the screen during game launch.

It still happens quite often, I read that it was a small glitch that snuck in with the Lady Hammerlock DLC and bypasses the hot fix from time to time. In the same article about it it said it was currently being worked on and should be an actual update not just a hot fix. Don’t know how much of this is true but in the meantime just be careful with Purple grinds and I suggest force a save before doing any