Can't hear the important ECHO stuff! (On PS3)

This may very well belong in the tech support area, but that place seemed very dead. So please go easy on me!

My brother and I are playing split screen on PS3. Very, very frequently we miss important game audio over our ECHO because of all the other background noise around us.

If we’re in the middle of a big fight, let’s say, and some mission event is triggered and someone talks to us over our ECHO, I just simply cannot hear them. The sound effects and speech of all the bad guys around me are SO much louder than the important stuff.

Brought this up on Reddit, people said they’ve experienced it too, but no one had any fix. Trying my luck here.

Thanks in advance!

Echo dialog gets drowned out sometimes unfortunately.

I wish they had an option to re listen to them like they did in BL1.

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Yeah, and iirc in Bl1 when an ECHO was playing all other sounds were temporerly lowered in volume.

No idea why they changed that for the sequal that had 400% more dialouge.

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It’s the weirdest thing. It can’t be affecting everyone, because surely it would have been an issue right off the bat that got fixed. I assumed maybe my audio set up at home had something to do with it, or maybe the the fact that I was playing split screen… but I’ve tested all those things out and nothing seems to make it better.

Glad to know I’m not crazy and that other people are experiencing it too.

No it effects everyone.

Almost every review complained on release day. It’s worse in splitscreen though since there’s double the guns/etc… And you could be in 2 places hearing different audio.

But nothing compares to the shock proc sound from Bl1, on crappy speakers it felt like they were going to explode every time I fired my Orion

I usually alter the in game sound options, ill have voice at full and the rest at around 2/3, its not a fix but it drowns out most gun noise and I leave subtitles on (well used to, can recite the game now so no need)

Subtitles help, yes.