Can't host 10mans

So I have this problem since day 1 , but i never asked for support . Maybe it’s an no big deal . I can’t host 10mans for whatever reason . I can have 4 guys in the lobby np , i can have 5 people in the lobby np . But if i have 10 in my lobby and try to enter private matches , atleast 4 guys dc , get kicked out . Would be amazing if there’s a way to fix this .


Are any of them free trial players?

And if they aren’t free trial players, which private lobby are you entering? There’s the new 3v3 modes, which would mess things up for a 10-man.

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no it has been like that for months , ik freetrials can’t do private matches

no it’s the usual private match option . as soon as i get into a mode and teams can get set up , people get dcd . you can’t do supercharge with a lobby of 10 to 12 people ik that :smiley:

Whats ur internet speed?