Can't initiate purchase of Platinium (pc)

Edit: Sorry i thought i was in pc support topics, sorry for mistaken :confused: )

I came back on the game during the end of the year, and wanted to purchase platinium to celebrate, but all i got is a message “can’t initiate the purchase” right after clicking on the amount choose. It’s a problem, but not so annoying for me as it was fr some skins/taunts.

However, a friend who can finally play the game (after waiting months to got a good pc) can’t buy operation story to play them, as he got the same issues. That make me think that for new players, story/operation mode are blocked, which is quite sad if they want to discover them.

We send both tickets to support, but i thought it won’t be a waste of time to make a topic here, at least to see if other people have the same issue.

Rendain is behind this sabotage i think, and we need the best experts to resolve it!


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This is the first time I’ve seen a report of this on PC, but there have been a handful of similar reports on PS4. I see you’ve both filed tickets - thanks! Going to ping GBX community team (@GeekVersusNerd on this just as a second heads up.

If anyone else is experiencing this issue please file a ticket as well:


Thanks for moved my post! :smiley: i edit it so.

A third friend will go on the game, i’ll ask her if she can’t buy too platinium. I’ll try to ask to other friends pc players if they have the same.

Thank you for giving us the heads up on your issue and sending in the support ticket!

If you didn’t send in a proof of purchase that shows the date and item purchased (like an email confirmation) they’ll request that, but otherwise should be able to take care of you!

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I can’t even access to the pay screen, the error message appears right after clicking on the amount of platinium wanted. It is like the market itself is down. I don’t even know how much real money platinium i wanted t buy cost. ^^’

Oh! I misunderstood the first time around!

Thanks again for bringing it to our attention here. We’re having our team look into what is going on.

I want to help you the most i can, however english is not my mother tongue, so i write as much accurate i can ^^ I hope it will help for people who want to purchase story and operations, they are so cool!

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I update this message because in the end, it’s not only the market which is down, but the entirely game. I can’t launch any privete game (pvp or pve) as public game (i tried to launch all different game with friend and alone for story). It said the same message, servors problem occurs (in my language).

I played yesterday with a firend to story mode, so i am afraid it’s all the servors who are down, preventing players to play.

I’ll send a second ticket, but i wanted to warn here too for the issues.

Alright, I just got word that these issues have been addressed and should be working now (the issue with the PS4 purchases were also addressed!)

If you still have any issues, please send in a new report ticket to! Thanks again for letting us know!