Can't install Borderlands Game of the Year Edition?

I’m having installing this. Once it installs, it goes to the SecureROM5 something and says an error has occurred? Anyone experience this before? By the way, meant to say this is for the non-steam version.

Windows 10 64-Bit Home
980M 4GB
i7 4710K 2.8Ghz
24GB DDR3 Ram
256 SSD + 1TB 7200RPM + 2TB WD Black 2TB 7200RPM

If I remember correctly, Windows 10 blocks the more nasty DRM’s like Securom.
Somebody will probably correct me on this, but I remember an article awhile ago about it.

Found it:
Here’s the article

that’s ridiculous. i hate securom, with a passion, but still. that means i couldn’t play spore if i wanted.


Hope you catch the reference.

To the OP, allow me to add: You should search on Steam if the Steam version strips Securom. If it does, it is best to gett it on there. Now a days it isn’t expensive.

The Steam version of BL1 GOTY should remove Securom.

This article should help get you switched over to the Steam version for free if you own BL1 GOTY:

Even better!
Then again, I admittedly don’t play it on PC. Glad you could provide this handy tool.

This helped! Thanks a lot you guys!

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Too bad that won’t work if the cd can’t be read anymore, that is the problem i am running into. I did buy the game have the cd’s but it won’t run anymore :(.

  1. Steam sales or Humble Bundle specials are your friend

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