Can't install the presequel from retail disc

So I just bought a new retail copy of the handsome collection. A friend and I wanted to play borderlands 2 first so we both installed that one. After 2 installed we both tried to install the presequel but whenever we pop in the disc and select it, we are taken to a manage bundle page that doesn’t have anything on it.

At this point I have exhausted all other solutions to try and fix this problem and was wondering if anyone had some insight on what else I could do besides a cold boot, a restart, clearing the cache, or trying to install online or offline. The only thing I haven’t done that I can think of is to uninstall borderlands 2 and try again but I’m afraid if I do I Won’t be able to reinstall it.

I would uninstall everything and try again.

In my sitch I didn’t need to do anything. I just put the disk in and it started installing. Whenever I go to the disk it does go the the manage games screen like yours.

if you get it installing it will ask you if you want to patch while installing. I would tell it no as early on there was a problem with that. I wish I had better advice.

Just tried uninstalling everything. Now I can’t even install borderlands 2 from the disc.

I have the same problem except I couldn’t get anything to install from the start. I’ve done everything including resetting to factory defaults and nothing works. It’s doing my head in. Please someone find a solution coz I’ve tried everything I can think of.

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When I get home from work I will uninstall and re-install to see what it does. That’s another two hours from now.

if it’s not installing my next step would be xbox support or switching out the game at the retailer.

I’ve uninstalled my games and I’m running into the same issue you are now. My xbox needs a system update so I’m soon that now

I had the games pinned in my pinned apps.

I attempted to launch which took me to the game hub. I hit the home button and the game is in my start menu under the main window.

From there I highlighted the game and it gave me the option to install it again. I will be reporting this to 18004myxbox as well as here.

It is not installing from the disk. It appears to be downloading the game. (I took the disk out and it is still installing)

Please see my post above this one for a possible work around.

Already on my second retail disk. My Xbox one has the latest update and have contacted Microsoft but no joy from anywhere. I can’t even get the games to come up on screen to start installing them, it just sits at the manage screen which is blank. I tried leaving it there but still nothing, no disk activity and no hard drive activity either. hELP!!!

Didn’t have the game pinned so I tried pinning it from the store. Your workaround does not seem to work for me, might have had to have had it pinned when it was installed for this to work.

Here is exactly what I did:
I went to the store for the handsome collection.
From there I went to the Borderlands TPS.
From there it gave me the option to Pin it.
Once I pinned it I tried to run it and it took me to the store to buy it.
I hit the home button and it zoomed out.
It was right below but greyed out.
I highlighted it and hit the start button.
It gave me the option to install.

Step for step that it what I did. Ohh, before all that I did a hard reset also.

When I called MS support they say that they are aware of the issue, but it has something to do with how the game is loaded on to MS’s servers and that gearbox / 2k is already working on getting it taken care of.

I can’t find anything on gearbox’s end that mentions this, but I have not today.

Tied what you said but no joy for me I’m afraid. Tried with both games but nothing showed up greyed out. Hope Microsoft and Gearbox hurry up and fix it. Thanks for your effort though.

I just bought the game and am unable to install both games. All i get is a black screen saying “Manage Borderlands:The Handsome Collection” :frowning: I hope this gets fixed ASAP because i want to play with my friend.

Exactly my problem, how long has this been out and no ones noticed this yet. Ps4 version installs and plays no bother. What the heck Xbox?

It must have been a bug introduced when the most recent patch came out. Which blows for all the new players.

This is something new. I used the disk game and can tell you that as of 5/14 it was working fine (visited family that weekend and clicked on the disk to start it only to go to the manage). I checked on the day the thread was created an my manage came up blank.

Have same problem. Game was given to me as a gift shrink wrapped.

Mine will install/read other discs fine. But not this one. :(((

Honestly it’s as if the system thinks the disc is empty.

Seriously would love help on this. Ticket put in to gear box.

Someone needs to edit the topic thread to include the handsome jack pack in totality will not install. Obviously It be broken.

g/t : Kage Goomba

Hey all – team is looking in to this issue and we’ll update you as soon as we know more.

Thank you - having a friend check it on her xbox one - never before installed.