Can't join any one else at all

I literally can’t play with other people on this game. I’ve tried to join a buddy of mine. It was giving me one of three error messages every time. First. It would count down to timeout and say couldn’t connect to host. Second. It would start loading, do this for literally 3 to 4 minutes, then kick me back to the character selection screen. This would also happen when I tried to join a random match. After i finally got put back in main menu, an error would come up that said check network cables. Third. It would just tell me match was full. This is in the pre sequel and borderlands 2 both. My friend is also getting these messages. Although he was able to join a couple of random games. I loaded up destiny directly after getting all of these error messages a numerous amount of times and had zero problem connecting to a guy in australia. Here is a list of things I tried in order to fix it.

  1. Reset my router
  2. Designated ports on my router specifically for my Xbox
  3. Completely uninstall and reinstall the whole set of games and dlc that came with it.
  4. Set my Xbox up wirelessly
  5. Gave my Xbox a static IP address and programmed it to my router
    Any suggestions would be welcome. I’m getting extremely frustrated not being able to play a game that is supposedly multiplayer with my friends

I have the same problem i can’t join anyone

I have the same problems and Xbox support CAN NOT EVEN play BL@ Handsome DLC online either on their system. It gearbox not us . Open an ticket if you haven’t given up