Can't join friends game / online play

Whenever I try to join a my friends game, it goes into “offline” mode and times out. Same happens if they try to join mine.
Fully open NAT on both sides.
Other games work fine, rebooted both xbox, ect.

That sounds like a problem that would crop up occasionally in BL2. Try toggling your game to private and launching then quitting a session, then go back to whatever you normally use.

Are you trying to join through the in-game matchmaking or via XBox functions? Sometimes it’s easier to party up and then join from party.

Looks like Gearbox is trying to prevent people from “sharing” games?
MS lets you play games on two systems at the same time, the “home” xbox, and whatever one the game owner is signed into. God knows there is NFW most people are paying for two copies of the same game.
Thing is, there are plenty of games that don’t play well with two xboxes playing the same game on the same public IP address, so I’ve always had one of them on the DMZ with it’s own public IP.
Once I put both systems behind the router, it started working. I’m guessing that they are trying to prevent this MS feature for instances that are not on the same network.
I’m a little concerned about the other games we play, guess we’ll see.

Depends on how you have things set up network-wise. You may also have run into an issue with one box not having the required ports open for on-line play. AFAIK the game only uses the XBox system’s built-in DRM licence checks.

Was not any network issue that I could find, both tested full open NAT ect. Everything was working great, until it wasn’t.
The one behind my router had dedicated port forwarding, the other was bridged right to the internet with it’s own public IP. Could join other players, just not “my” other xbox.
It wouldn’t take much, just have the software compare IPs and regcodes, if they are the same reg but different IPs, don’t let them connect to each other. It would literally put the game in to “local” mode when we would try to connect.
I’m not upset about it, yet, but I will be if my other games keep crashing like they used to.

There is a bug with BL2 HC on XB1 where the game will sometumes fail to connect to an on-line session. When it does that, it defaults the game back to local only. The closest I got to an explanation on that was that sometimes the game gets stuck on stale cached session data. I don’t know if the same problem exists with BL3 - I honestly haven’t done that much co-op. If it does, though, that would give you the symptoms you’re reporting. On BL2, the fix is to try and clear the stale data by toggling the game mode or doing a power reset.

I was having the same problem and took me 4 weeks to figure it out. Are one of you with comcast xfinity?

I’m on ps4, and have been trying since the bounty of blood came out to play with my friend. But no matter what method o try i cant join them and they can’t join me. I cant find anything up to date on this problem.

Are you both fully updated with patches? And do you both have the dlc?

I am fully downloaded and updated and me and my friend are having the same issue I am also on Xbox one

The game isn’t ready for release on console yet but they did it anyway !

No, it wasn’t. Guess there is some small print somewhere that said upon accepting this game you willingly become unpaid beta tester. I put in a few tickets on this issue and have yet to hear back from 2k or GBX. I shouldn’t get my hopes up too high though considering its only been a year now since the games release.

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