Can't join games?

Is matchmaking working? Every time I try quick match I never find a session…

It tells me " connection failed, please check your network cables and configuration. "

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It’s broke. I have not seen gearbox address this issue At All either. They are busy with the BAR transfer issue I guess but this is the issue that will eventually make me give up on this collection.


I have no problem finding games, but no one has ever joined my public games.
How do I check my NAT on PS4?

Pretty disappointing that it hasn’t been addressed. I get the transfer not working and I can wait on that but without MP this game is a drag. Seems like unplayable would trump ranks.

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I agree having same problems. Sometimes everyone is joining my games other times I go hours without seeing anyone join.

I’m having problems too, i personally think this is more important than badass ranks as they will lose players over this bug

We have the similar issue on xbox one - where I can join a friends game, but it gets stuck at the loading character at the fast travel machine. When the persons whose game I joined comes to see me spawn in, my character makes it in the map, but nothing else loads. When you do an inventory of a different character, all inventory items show as empty. Only way out of to hard quit the game and relaunch. This only happens on certain characters, other characters we can join and play, so I don’t think its a router or port issue.

Well, I can’t join anything. Friends or otherwise. Pretty poor show considering how long they’ve had to fix it and given this is more or less the basis of the game. Tried everything possible my end, including a fresh install (which was tedious). Had to tell a lot of my friends who are late to the party not to bother buying the game until it’s fixed.